Bowling Online

I’m sitting in a hip local coffee house, staring at the dust-coated screen of my PowerBook G4. I’m sitting alone. Browsing photos. Posting on walls. Chatting. About a minute ago, I got a Facebook message from my mom in New York. “xoxo,” it said. Read More  Read More

The Ref

Maybe you know this feeling. Let’s say you’re a freshman in college, a sophomore maybe, drinking cheap beer and listening to music in your friend’s house. He’s a senior, and he has this great place off-campus, and he’s charming and well-referenced and assuredly cool. When you admitted to him the other day that you didn’t really know a lot of Stevie Wonder’s music, he said something like, “Oh man, we’ve got to fix that.” Read More  Read More

Hooray for the Everyday

A couple years ago, one of my roommates purchased a desk from IKEA for about 25 dollars. By all reasonable standards, it was a shitty desk—flimsy and starkly geometric, nothing more than cardboard lain over four legs. Over the course of the year, he developed a pyromaniacal hatred for the thing. When it came time to move out, he decided the desk wasn’t worth dismantling and cramming into the back of my sedan, or even worth donating to the curb, so he hurled it out back and... Read More